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jbryant3 on 13:27, 20. Aug, 2009
I vote skin selection by user. That way at least we can "customize" the site a little. To be honest, the best way for this to run would be through flash but that might be too much of an overhaul...
Mojko on 13:59, 20. Aug, 2009
Here is a in-game draft
jbryant3 on 14:00, 20. Aug, 2009
Another suggestion: Move the cards in-game closer together. :)
DPsycho on 14:39, 20. Aug, 2009
With the buttons and the cards themselves all pronounced with shadow effects, the images of the towers and walls look alarmingly flat.
Progressor on 16:08, 20. Aug, 2009
NOO! It's brightness!
It BURNS to my eyes!

Gotta say it looks a lot more modern. Personally I prefer darker shades (so Im in favor of choice).

Furthermore I agree that the items from current design fit poorly in this fancy-one.
Mojko on 18:27, 21. Aug, 2009
Some more drafts:
Sundancer on 00:30, 22. Aug, 2009
I would favor an old looking style, a style that fits to might and magic.
Raspode on 09:49, 22. Aug, 2009
Yeah, like in M&M7. Before you choose your side your gamescreen is brown, whether you choose the path of light or dark, you're gamescreen turns white/blue or black/red. Just a suggestion.
Myschly on 16:25, 1. Sep, 2009
Woah! OUCH! I'm sorry but I absolutely HATE everything about the new design! My fault for not being involved in this thread I guess ^^

Please have an option to keep the old?
kakerlake on 16:28, 1. Sep, 2009
We have to get used to it^^
Everything so round...
but if you miss the old colours, go to settings and choose the "old theme (dark)" skin.
And choose a background for the games! without one it really looks awefull. I currently have fairy castle which is quite nice.
planegray on 16:45, 1. Sep, 2009
The blue card title is hard for me to read ie) "Guard Tower" "Nightmare"

edit: I should mention i use Chrome
Mojko on 17:01, 1. Sep, 2009
to planegray: Please send screenshot (and browser version).
planegray on 17:56, 1. Sep, 2009
After posting i changed my Skin Selection to Old Theme (dark) and i am unable to get the hard to read card titles to return while in any of the other themes. Basically it used the same font/shadowing as "New Card".

Not an issue anymore, thanks anyways :)

Myschly on 18:02, 1. Sep, 2009
I've tried and tried and I just hate it all :P

Couldn't you fix so there's just a plain black background? No special colors or features?

I know it may seem dull, but I'm a bit colorblind, and with too much in the layout it's really distracting :P
Mojko on 18:09, 1. Sep, 2009
To Myschly:

Of course. We can add more skins if necessary. Just try to describe it in more detail. I can then make some draft, post ot here and we can discuss it ;)
Myschly on 21:50, 1. Sep, 2009
As it was before? XD I really enjoyed the simple layout. I'd be happy to just have the background that's in the top of "old theme (dark)" everywhere. Also having the "New card", and "Played mode 3" in a box as it was before.

Another idea if it's not too demanding could maybe be that players* could upload their own custom image, saved only for their account or something?

* - Might have to be a feature preserved to "power players".
Mojko on 06:29, 2. Sep, 2009
Alright, I will try to make one skin as close to old layout as possible.

Uploading custom background images was a feature I was considering, but unlike avatars, such pictures are much bigger, so there would probably be a capacity problem. From the practical perspective, it is better implemented this way. However you may submit some background pictures you would like to add as backgrounds. Start a new thread about new backgrounds and discuss it with other players.
Myschly on 11:45, 2. Sep, 2009

The custom idea was just something I thought of for other people. I was thinking more along the lines of a tiled idea. So the picture's just maybe 200x200pixels at most, and then it's tiled and makes a pattern. Might be too much work for too little return tho'.
Bebop on 14:08, 2. Sep, 2009
I have to agree with Myschly, I liked the old theme much more.
So if you could make one like the one we had before, I would really appreciate it :D
Progressor on 15:35, 3. Sep, 2009
Nice color combo: Bleu (Dark) colourset with Wolf as background picture. :-)
(Most pictures dont really fit the colors, to my eyes'opinion.)