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Mojko on 15:47, 5. Oct, 2008
This website needs a new layout - as Tangente suggested and I agree on that. Especially forum and novels needs different colors, current ones are too agressive.

Any layout suggestions are welcome. This inculdes:
- new layout pictures
- new color combinations
- interface rearrangement (locations of buttons and other objects on the screen)

Please post your suggestions here or send me an e-mail and I can upload it to my site and post a link here.

There is also a contest for new card layout. Please go to thread "New card layout" in the Contests section.
KingPirux on 20:32, 12. Nov, 2008
mmm, actually i can only tell you a few suggestions or constructive critics:

first, the first time i entered here i think this was a forgotten web page... i thinked this for the old looking layout. and a the mess with options at the right.

The best way to atract young or new people is changing the colors or trying to make a better combination of colors, for example: the actual yellow and black change it for example to a black line and dark blue background could be better, or if you want to keep the yellow use a darkblue background an a thin white line between the yellow line and the background.

you can normalize the writing area to make it less heavy (black letters and white background) too

other suggestion, reorganize the webpage intro... is not necesary to make it by code, this part is the face of the game so it MUST be more atractive and intiuitive, like using buttons instahead of writed options and a banner or some image of wizards or mages in the top to quickly see what is this about

and the last one before you expulse me from the server :P is to shrink the distances between the butons to none, on the upper option menu

:P i hope it help you in some way. see you and good luck
Griv on 15:31, 22. Nov, 2008
A good way to think about redesigning the site is to provide 'themes' such as Google does with their personalized site and Gmail - Just provide a bunch of different color schemes and let the user select what is most pleasing! Maybe even theme it with the game:
i.e An Alliance theme evokes a sterile grey/white scaled color scheme with maybe a Elven type kingdom in the background, or an elf mistress :P. An undead theme would be more of a goth color scheme with a lich's kingdom or an undead dwarven berserker on horseback!
Mojko on 13:52, 16. Dec, 2008
Well, yeah we support Google Chrome and if you look in the news section, you can find announcement there about it too ;).

EDIT: strange... why is this message posted sooner then the one I was replying to (the one below)?
Noksi on 14:36, 16. Dec, 2008
I didn't know where to write this but I noticed that this game works fine with Google Chrome also.
DPsycho on 18:38, 16. Dec, 2008
That's what I'm experiencing, Mojko. Some other players have forum timestamps of a future time than mine, and it's causing the issues I described in the other thread I created.
bretwalters on 06:32, 2. Feb, 2009
I think more important than how it looks is how it runs. When I first got on here, it took some time to figure out which cards were mine, when its my turn, etc. I figured it out, and now I still have to say - there needs to be some sort of auto-refresh. Having to click refresh or some other button to find out if anyone played yet causes a lot of forgetting - both on my part an the other players.

There needs to be some way to know in real time when that person played - perhaps by refreshing the page of the player when the other player plays?

Mojko on 08:06, 16. May, 2009
I want to implement an experimental new layout that uses the new unfinished CSS3 technology. CSS3 has some very nice features such as round corners, color opacity and many more. Currently only Firefox and Safari supports these experimental features, but this will improve in time. (see

First of all I recommend to run the CSS selector test to test your current browser. According to my tests, browser are ordered this way: (first = best test results, last = worst test results)

1 - Opera
2 - Chrome
3 - Firefox
4 - IE7
5 - IE6

If you are interested in what CSS3 can do, you can read the features here (

I would appreciate any graphics design suggestions for new card look, or any other game sections layout (forum, webpage, game, deck editor.. etc).
FilipeSilva on 23:49, 18. May, 2009
I think that a link section above should be "docs" or "help" that would include the manual and the FAQ

"Webpage" should have a more meaning name
Mojko on 10:51, 30. Jul, 2009
Here is a CSS3 preview of game section, while I was experimenting with round bordering.

Any comments/questions/ideas are welcome.
lord Alex on 11:01, 30. Jul, 2009
It would look like more modern and not like a 30 years old internet page. Just the background and the stock/facility screen window should be reworked, it wouldn't look like a forgotten page anymore.
By the way: Great work!
Raspode on 11:15, 30. Jul, 2009
^Agree with the points that need reworking.

That looks just awesome, not so heavy anymore. Doing so great work, three cheers for Mojko!
Fithz Hood on 12:53, 30. Jul, 2009
I like the round cards, good idea.
If you want to change the background I found some themed pictures: (nature) (dragon) (alliance) (undead) (burning) (brigand) (barbarian) (beast) (soldier) (legend)
lord Alex on 14:10, 30. Jul, 2009
Most of them look really great!
But I thought on something neutral like this:
(but it would be a good idea if you could choose wich one should be your backgrond in the setting-section)
DPsycho on 14:34, 30. Jul, 2009
I like the background. It's from classic Arcomage, and I personally wouldn't want to be forced to change it to anything else. You all can have your alternate backgrounds just so long as the current one remains the default.

And, like before, let's please try to avoid offering suggestions that are clearly taken from other current games. Of course, any such issues could be avoided by allowing people to customize their background images by uploading from their own computers (since no one else would ever end up seeing them anyway).
lord Alex on 15:59, 30. Jul, 2009
I just builded in 30 mins. a "new" Facility/stock screen window:
I know, it's not good...
Progressor on 18:18, 30. Jul, 2009
I severely dislike the current background. Id choose 1 of the first 3 Fritz suggested as a background.

As for the new cards:
I think there is more potential in the border of them. Maybe a thicker border with some indication of rarity?
X-Factor on 18:30, 30. Jul, 2009
I like the current background too (classic Arcomage). Card with round corners are great, but other buttons may not be round.
Progressor on 18:39, 30. Jul, 2009
I think they ara quite ok the round way.
Mojko on 12:14, 20. Aug, 2009
Here is a draft version of a light layout theme for MArcomage

I'm going to make multiple draft layouts and then we either choose the best, or we make it user selectable via skin selection in settings.