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Sundancer on 22:54, 30. Sep, 2008
sometimes I stay up at night and play marcomage. But while it's night here it's day in america or china. When I challenge people I'd like to know how long they're gonna be online until we have to finish the game on the next day.
I think a current time display in the player list would help to choose opponents which won't go to bed in the next 30 min :p

thanks for listening ( I know my english :p how you get the idea :) )
DPsycho on 01:19, 1. Oct, 2008
This seems like an excellent suggestion to me.
Mojko on 12:00, 1. Oct, 2008
To show real time in our current system is hard to implement, but we could show for each player his timezone setting.
Progressor on 19:33, 1. Oct, 2008
I wouldn't go for a player's timezone settings, but for the diffrence between that player's and your timezone settings. E.G Im in zone GMT +1, "John" is in zone GMT -2, the time information displayed is -3 (in hours of course).

It leaves you with a simple sum rather than 2.
Sundancer on 20:32, 1. Oct, 2008
Thought about that too but for me it would be more helpful to know the time in other countries. Basically it's the same. Maybe players could choose in the settings whether they want their display

GTM own = 0
GTM China = +6


own = 20:35
China = 02:35

thanks for listening
Mojko on 21:39, 1. Oct, 2008
Yeah - to show the time difference, that's what I had in mind. So you would see +3 or -1 for example.