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Kenaz on 12:03, 23. May, 2015
Not a single rare or even uncommon card drawn from my deck for the entire game.

Is there an admin I can bribe to make my draws better? ;)
Coolis on 12:14, 23. May, 2015
You had around 1% chance for this. Really bad luck, but probably next game will be better :)
Kenaz on 16:34, 23. May, 2015
I'm sure my next game will see me drawing nothing but rares and uncommons.

...only I will be playing against a sabotage deck and will have no resources to cast any of them. :D
Zaton on 16:42, 23. May, 2015
The game balance is an odd place, when you can define a deck with one card.
Mojko on 06:48, 24. May, 2015
You can always increase your odds with cards like Golden screpter.
MeCho on 16:05, 25. Jun, 2015
Games like this just proves how much we need PSD