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Spoon on 16:28, 20. Aug, 2012
I don't if this is a) plausible for implementation or b) desired, but here goes:

Is it possible to have links on a card, where a reference to another card is made?

For example, with Wishing lagoon, would it be possible to have the text for Pyramids, Gateway and Orc Regiment as links to that card?
I imagine it would be of most use to new players, but I know I'd use it at least from time to time (Get Thor, can't remember how much Chain lightning costs ^^ )
Damalycus on 17:41, 20. Aug, 2012
I second that. I usually forget ocean queen's stats when having ritual on hand, or enemy hand. Even more usefulthis would be with summon full hand cards. Holy mountain, reunion of the tribes, etc..
DPsycho on 18:25, 20. Aug, 2012
I believe that this is already implemented. Some conceptual cards do have links in their card text. Add my voice to those saying that it would be nice to have this added to existing cards, though!

And in the case of full hand replacers, if it could generate a screen with the eight cards laid out rather than having to click separate links, that would be ideal.
Fithz Hood on 19:32, 20. Aug, 2012
I think the link function is active only for concepts.
I've tried in my personal copy of marcomage and I wasn't able to create a card with links.
Probaly it needs some further implementation.
Mojko on 19:50, 20. Aug, 2012
Links on cards are disabled intentionally, because clicking on the card is usually interpreted as an action (such as transferring card to deck or selecting the card before plaing it). Adding links to cards could create some confusing/unwanted behaviour.
Lord_Earthfire on 19:07, 24. Aug, 2012
It would be an idea to make the text appear when hovering above the passage, like its made for the keywords already. Its an already implemented feature which would only be needed to be changed for card text-links. This would not cause any disturbance because you are not redirected to any page.
Spoon on 10:21, 9. Sep, 2012
That sounds like an idea. I'd give that a thumbs up.